How to Backup Galaxy Note 5 to Computer or Laptop

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 does not have an external storage alternative. As a consequence backing up of data files through SD card isn’t possible. As an alternative, you can actually connect your Samsung Note 5 into a laptop or computer and transfer data files before you decide to perform a hard reset. The process can help you very easily restore all of them after doing that.

Many software-related issues in smartphones can be fixed simply by performing a hard reset, known as master reset. It’s a process that removes all of custom made contents in the smartphone such as applications, contacts, photos, and data in that case the device will restores to factory defaults. For that reason, making a backup is highly recommended before you go. Actually, you will lose all of your personal information to the ether.

backup galaxy note 5 to computer

Backing up of data files from the Note 5 is workable possibly simply by transferring contents to your computer or laptop. You’re able to use any type of backup solutions available for your device such as the Samsung Smart Switch in completing the procedure.

Step by step to Backup Galaxy Note 5 to Computer or Laptop

1. Connect your Galaxy Note 5 to the computer using the USB cable.

After your phone can be recognized by your computer, you are able to start transferring your data files such as music, pictures, and other contents. To simply restore contents after the reset, you can create new folders specific for each type of file on your computer. As an example, you can create a music folder for storing music (audio) files copied from your phone to your PC.

Here’s the best way to accurately connect your Note 5 into a computer or laptop:

  • Insert one end of the USB cable to the charger/accessory port located at the bottom of your phone.
  • Put in another end of the USB cable into an available USB port on your computer or laptop.
  • Remove the USB cable from the charging head to access it when needed.

The device driver software should then automatically install on your computer or laptop in in the beginning you connect your phone to it.

2. On your phone, drag the status bar down to show to notification panel.

3. Choose a file transfer option.

An indication that your smartphone has already been accessible via your computer or laptop is a message prompt that says “Connected as a media device

4. Tap into “Connected as a media device,” then check the box next to Media device (MTP). At that time you could start transferring contents from your smartphone.

Hint: Normally, “Connected as a media device” can be an option used for most file transfers. If you wish to change this option, just tap into the Notification in the Notification Panel. Doing this will open up the USB computer connection screen in which you can tap to select any of your preferred option.

5. In order to start copying contents, click the option to “Open device to view files” on your computer or laptop.

6. Navigate to the preferred contents on your smartphone.

7. Drag and drop the files in to the selected folder to your computer.

8. Any time you are finished copying all important data files, safely disconnect your phone from the computer.