Simple Guide to Launch the Galaxy Note 5 Camera Quickly

All of us agree that Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has come with new features that made the users feel so easy to use it. The advanced technology that made this phablet has the most updated technology. One of them is the Galaxy Note 5 camera which is fantastic to be discussed.

The camera in this phablet is not just a camera. It works more than just it. You can work to snap three or four picture simultaneously. This is the thing that you have never met before. But here, the thing that will be explained to you is about the quick camera launch. Some of you who are Note 5 users and want to set the camera quickly to capture the moment will need to read this.

How to Quick Launch Galaxy Note 5 Camera

First, you should set the program called Quick Camera Launch. This is a special program that will benefit the users of Galaxy Note 5. To modify this, please go to the Settings menu and look for that menu. You can simply search by typing it if possible. After you find it, tap it and turn on the slider to make sure that this feature is enabled on your device. And, you are done.

galaxy note 5 camera

You can now practice how to use it. If you don’t know how to use it, you should follow these instructions.

Exit from the Settings menu after enabling the QCL. Let your screen of the phone off. Yes, it will work even when your screen is off. Now, press the power button two times. By double pressing, you are starting to open the camera.

If you see it works, you can do it next time whenever you see a great moment that you think should be captured to feel memories.

With this feature on Galaxy Note 5, you don’t need to worry about the camera anymore. Now you don’t need to unlock the phone and find the camera app. This wick launch is helpful to shoot the moment quickly. If you still use the app, it will take few seconds, and you can miss the moment when the camera is ready.

So, take the maximum benefit from this phablet by enabling the QCL. You don’t need to worry that it will consume the battery. It will have nothing to do with that.

After enabling it, you can now become the person that will never miss any chance to capture the great moment around you. You can even do more with this Galaxy Note 5’s camera if you want to learn.