Samsung Galaxy Note 5 S Pen Reviews

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 S pen is the best topic to be discussed today. Some people feel wondered about its new technology especially its new pen. For your information, this new pen will provide anything that you need.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 S Pen

There are some cool features you will find from its pen. They are easier access, luxurious power, and on command sensitivity. Let’s check reading below and find your Samsung Note 5 S Pen information here!

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 S Pen Details

  • Easier access for you

Easier access will be the great quality you will find on its screen. It is because you will use its S Pen. It provides you the great tool with quick access. As you know easier access and tool will be the important feature searched by people. So, you will use your hand for writing all instruments on this mobile by using its pen. It is very cool, right?

  • The Luxurious power

Besides easier access, you can also find the power with luxurious capacity. It will really help you to find the power in order to watch videos and chat on 4 GB RAM. In other hand, you will get the natural way to activate two apps at the same moment and the same screen.

  • Command sensitivity

The last thing you will catch on this mobile is the on command. What does it mean? By this feature, its S pen will get the increase air command to be activated when it stays out. There will be notifications when you touch the screen. It will inform you that the screen is waiting for the pen.

So, you also have to know that this pen really will provide you anything that you need. You can capture the long pages in only by one shoot. There will be also awkward shapes can be captured by this pen. Finally, those are all some reviews about Samsung Galaxy Note 5 S pen.